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Line-up. Before the class starts, the students must line up. The sempais should guide the kohais especially the beginners.  Sitting there for a minute before the starting time is to show that the students are eager to learn, and the sensei will pick up this feeling and will be inspired to teach.


Sitting arrangement. Sitting arrangement shall be as follows: The senior member shall be on the right side, facing the teacher, and so on down the line, second and third. The most junior student will be on the left side.


Rules on seniority. In general, seniority is determined first by rank then by date of joining. For example, a 2nd dan is senior to 1st dan. For two members with the same rank, the member who took and passed the exam first is the senior. If they passed the test on the same day, the person who joined the organization first is the senior. If they passed the test at the same time and they joined at the same date, the older person is the senior. Regardless of when you start, if someone trains more hours and takes the next promotion test before you, that person will be your senior after he/she passed the test. So, regular attendance and taking test when you’re qualified is important factor in determining seniority in the long run.


Bowing before the class starts. The first bow should be towards the front - students and sensei at the same time. The second bow is between students and sensei. When the sensei turns around after the first bow, the senior student sitting on the right of the first row should yell “REI!!!” to signal the second bow. The students bow first then acknowledged by the sensei.


Bowing in general. Bow towards the shomen before entering or leaving the dojo. Bow to the instructor before stepping in or out of the mat. Bow to your partner and say Onegaishimasu before executing a technique. Bow after executing the technique and say Domo arigato goshaimasu.


Titles. Give respect to the instructor by calling him Sensei. Address the senior students as Sempai, and fellow members as brother or sister.


Uniform. Wear the prescribed uniform during practice session. Your belt is your honor; it must be treated with respect. No excessive jewelry allowed during practice sessions.


Silence. Observe silence when the instructor is giving lecture or demonstrating a technique; when a member is called to perform or do something; when an examination is in progress; and when it is called for.


Picture-Taking. This is the standard arrangement when taking pictures: The senior instructors or black belts are seated in the first row. The most senior instructor or black belt in the picture should be at the center. If there is a guest instructor senior to the chief instructor, he (guest instructor) should be at the center. The next senior member shall be to his left, second in line to his right, third – two down to his left, fourth – two down to his right, and so on down the line. The same arrangement applies to the back rows, the farthest row being the juniors or kohais

Membership is open to everyone regardless of martial arts affiliation, Aikido style, age, sex, race or religion. If you are interested to become a member, please feel free to send an e-mail to

AIKIDO SHUSEIKAN USA-Philippines-Saudi Arabia-United Arab Emirates-Uruguay-Spain-Qatar In Qatar, Tel. No. +974-5082117