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CONGRATULATIONS to Brod Jorge Silva of Agatsu Dojo - Spain for his recent promotion to 4th Kyu!

Welcome to Shuseikan!

Video Links in "Our Curriculum" Section Now Uploaded!


We hope that by visiting our website you will learn more about Aikido, about our system, about our lineage and about our organization. We are a certified branch dojo of International Shuyokan Aikido Federation - USA under Soke David Dye, and our Chief Instructor is Sensei Ronald Nilo. Members are recognized in all Shuyokan branch dojos around the world.


Since 1997 Sensei Nilo has been providing instruction in Aikido and related martial arts in Jeddah and other cities of Saudi Arabia, and has travelled to other countries of the Middle East and Asia to train, teach and propagate Aikido. He has taught individuals from many walks of life – OFWs, expatriates, students, professionals, Prince Mohammad and his bodyguard, practitioners from other martial arts discipline, kids and others. He has developed a teaching method and curriculum based on his study of different styles and derivatives of Aikido since 1993 and his teaching experience since 1997. This curriculum is the standard syllabus for all individual members, black belt members, instructor members and organizational members of Shuseikan Aikido Federation.


After teaching Aikido in Saudi Arabia for 10 years, Sensei Nilo decided to transfer to Qatar, with the fervent hope to be able to share the same wisdom and noble teachings of Aikido in Qatar, as he did in Saudi Arabia.




"I would like to extend my sincere wishes for your continued training and growth in the martial arts under your Sensei, Ronald Nilo. It is because of the dedication and continued efforts of your Sensei in his study of the martial arts that you are where you are today. There is a saying in the martial arts that says, “When it is time, you will find your teacher.” I truly believe that all of you have found your teacher. Nilo Sensei has shown a strong dedication to his students and the growth of your dojo as a Shuyokai. Your actions as students reflect your Sensei in the way that you act both in the dojo and outside the dojo in your daily lives. You represent what your dojo stands for and all of you should be very proud..


Please continue to train hard not letting obstacles get in your way and learn all that you can from your Sensei remembering that you are a product of your teacher in all that you do in your everyday life."


-Soke David A. Dye, 10th Dan, Shuyokan Honbu Dojo

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Membership is open to everyone regardless of martial arts affiliation, Aikido style, age, sex, race or religion. If you are interested to become a member, please feel free to send an e-mail to

AIKIDO SHUSEIKAN USA-Philippines-Saudi Arabia-United Arab Emirates-Uruguay-Spain-Qatar In Qatar, Tel. No. +974-5082117