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3rd Annual Mushin Dojo-Nishio Ryu Seminar, Bangkok, Thailand

On January 13-15, 2006, Nilo Sensei attended a seminar in Bangkok, Thailand organized by Mushin Dojo under Tony Tartaglia Sensei. Over-all seminar coordinator is Tom Fox.

Takao Arisue Sensei, 7th Dan, Aikido and Toho Iaido, direct student of the late Shoji Nishio Sensei for nearly four decades.

Training schedule:

January 13, Friday 7-9 pm

January 14, Saturday 10 am-12 noon, 1-3 pm and 3:20-4:50 pm

January 15, Sunday 10 am-12 noon and 1-3 pm



Airconditioned gymnasium at the Shrewsbury International School, on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Showers and changing rooms are available at the gym. Family members and guests of seminar participants were allowed to observe the training and join in the social events.


Sensei Nilo's Personal Comments on the Seminar:

"Takao Arisue Sensei, 7th dan, is a very knowledgeable instructor, and is very kind and accomodating. Attending his seminars is highly recommended for all advanced students of Shuseikan especially those interested in Toho Iaido. Sensei Tony Tartaglia, 4th dan, Founder of Mushin Dojo-Bangkok is likewise very hospitable, including all the members of Mushin Dojo, Bangkok, Thailand. It was a rewarding experience having met and trained with these wonderful aikidokas."


Visit the seminar website for more pictures.


Link to other seminar by Takao Arisue Sensei.


Another link.


2nd AAF Seminar & Demonstration, Singapore, Nov.7-9, 2001

The event was organized by Singapore Aikikai
under Harry Ng Sensei

Featuring topnotch training & instruction from:

  • Mutsuko Minegishi Sensei of Saipan-Guam Aikikai
  • Paul Lee Sensei of Republic of China Aikido Association
  • Harry Ng Sensei of Singapore Aikikai
  • Fujita Masatake Shihan of Hombu Dojo, Japan
  • Motohiro Fukakusa Sensei of Aikido Association of Thailand
  • George Chang Sensei
  • Isamu Ichizuka Sensei
  • T. Hattori Sensei
  • Ikuhiro Kubota Sensei &
  • Tomita Sensei

Attended by Aikido Practitioners from:

  • Philippines
  • Japan
  • Hongkong
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Saipan
  • Australia &
  • Singapore

Membership is open to everyone regardless of martial arts affiliation, Aikido style, age, sex, race or religion. If you are interested to become a member, please feel free to send an e-mail to

AIKIDO SHUSEIKAN USA-Philippines-Saudi Arabia-United Arab Emirates-Uruguay-Spain-Qatar In Qatar, Tel. No. +974-5082117