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Chief Instructor:

RONALD NILO, 4th dan

Registered Instructors:

FERDIE SILVA, 3rd dan (Asia-Sary Dojo & Asia-Heraa Dojo - Jeddah)
RAUL MAKABENTA, 2nd dan (Aquado Dojo - Alkhobar)
BILLY SOMO, 3rd dan (PAR Dojo - Jeddah)
EDDIE AYING, 2nd dan (Azzam Dojo - Yanbu)
DANNY BALLESTEROS, 1st dan (Cougar Dojo - Dammam)
RENE BORRES, 2nd dan (Saptco/Sharbatly/Faysaliah Dojo - Jeddah)
RAUL ADUBAL, 3rd dan (OFAC Dojo - Riyadh)
BONN ABANDO, 2nd dan (Heraa Dojo - Jeddah)
RAMON RAYCO, 3rd dan (Kenjiren Dojo - Jeddah)
RONALD DELOS REYES, 1st dan (Alakdan Aikido Club - Dubai)
BABES OACAN, 2nd dan (Puma Shuseikai Aikido - Riyadh)
CARLOS SILVA, 3rd dan (Shojin Dojo - Uruguay)
SANTIAGO A. LONGUEIRA ESTEVEZ, 1st dan Agatsu Dojo - Spain

NOTE: Only the above instructors are authorized to teach the Official Syllabus of Shuseikan Aikido. Anybody who is teaching the Shuseikan Syllabus other than the above instructors is not qualified, and therefore any evaluation made will not be honored by Shuseikan Headquarters.

For verification or queries, please send e-mail to

Membership is open to everyone regardless of martial arts affiliation, Aikido style, age, sex, race or religion. If you are interested to become a member, please feel free to send an e-mail to

AIKIDO SHUSEIKAN USA-Philippines-Saudi Arabia-United Arab Emirates-Uruguay-Spain-Qatar In Qatar, Tel. No. +974-5082117