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Founded on September 13, 1997 as Genesis Aikido Club, Shuseikan is registered with Kokusai Shuyokan Aikido Renmei under Shodai Soke David A. Dye, 10th Degree Black Belt, Founder and Headmaster. Shuseikan offers martial arts instructions in Aikido, Goshin Jutsu & Taiho Jutsu under the direction of Ronald Nilo Sensei, Founder and Chief Instructor. Shuseikan members are recognized in all Shuyokan international branch dojos around the world. 

The origin of Shuseikan can be traced back some time in September 1997 when Roel Santos, Ronnie Nilo, Joel Astronomia and David Reyes approached Nilo Sensei and requested for instruction in Aikido. At first Nilo Sensei had second thoughts. The idea of becoming an instructor never before came into his mind. When he started studying Aikido on March 29, 1993, his intention was only to keep physically fit and was not even interested in getting any belt. But as he came to know more about the art of Aikido and the underlying principles why O'Sensei developed it, he begun to love the art, and started adopting its principles not only during practice session but in everyday life. He finally thought it is a chance to share the wisdom of Aikido to willing and dedicated students. After getting approval from his sensei, he officially started sharing the art to his first white belts on September 13, 1997. The first dojo was a small room at Azzam compound in North Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Now, Shuseikan has several dojos not only in Jeddah but also in Riyadh, Al-Khobar, Dammam, Dubai and Uruguay.

The names "Genesis Aikido Club" and "Shuseikan Aikido" are both registered with Securities and Exchange Commission, Republic of the Philippines. Kokusai Shuyokan Aikido Renmei, our Honbu Dojo, gave us our official name - SHUSEIKAN:


SHU means mastery of oneself, austere training
SEI means sincerity, sincere
KAN means place or house

Therefore, Shuseikan can be etymologically defined as "Place for mastery of oneself thru sincere, austere training (in Aikido).

It is the goal of Shuseikan to teach its members not only how to defend themselves but also to inculcate in their minds the guiding virtues of Shuseikan which are: courtesy, honor, benevolence, wisdom, sincerity, loyalty and piety.
Membership is open to everyone regardless of martial arts affiliation, Aikido style, age, sex, race or religion. If you are interested to become a member, please feel free to send an e-mail to

AIKIDO SHUSEIKAN USA-Philippines-Saudi Arabia-United Arab Emirates-Uruguay-Spain-Qatar In Qatar, Tel. No. +974-5082117